Las Vegas Surprise Proposal Charles + Elyssa


Proposals are quickly becoming one of my favorite moments to document!  The excitement and planning leading up to it, the gush of emotions that follow, the pure joy and happiness at that moment.  These are all the things that I love and live for. 

So, gentlemen, when you're planning to propose to the woman of your dreams, you really need to work with a photographer, preferable me (wink, wink!), to help bring your ideas to life with suggestions on locations, time of day, logistics, and so on! Believe me, it will be so worth having that moment documented professionally! I pinky promise!!

Charles contacted me just a few days before he was planning to propose to Elyssa.  They were coming to Vegas from Canada for vacation and he wanted to get it right! This was Charles' first trip to Vegas, so he needed some ideas, which I was more than happy to provide! We settled on the location and then Charles had to work hard to convince Elyssa to get ready for their night out a little earlier than planned. Luckily, he made it work and pulled off an epic surprise proposal! Just look at these images!!! 

Once I introduced myself and Charles explained how he'd been planning this for a bit, we took a walk around the strip to get some more epic images of the newly-engaged love birds! I just love how Elyssa was so excited to share the news with her mom, she had to FaceTime her right then and there! It was my 2nd favorite moment of the evening!!! 

We hadn't planned on walking by the Bellagio fountains as they were about to start, but it worked out perfectly! Maybe it was a sign of how wonderful the day had turned out to be! 

We ended with a few nighttime images that showed off all the lights of the strip and lots more kisses!! Congratulations, Elyssa and Charles!  XO - Jessie

Las Vegas Proposal | Walter + Christina


When Walter emailed me about wanting to have his proposal to Christina captured in photos, I was so excited for them without even knowing them.  They'd be coming from Northern California to spend a few days in town and being that Vegas is one of their favorite cities, Walter thought it would be the perfect time and place to pop the question.

Then, when we spoke on the phone about everything from our love for wine to narrowing down the details and location for his proposal, I was so happy I was going to be there to document it.  I couldn't wait to meet them and document Christina's reaction to Walter's proposal.  

I seriously thought I was more nervous than Walter, but I'm sure that's impossible! I waited very nonchalantly at our designated spot.  Once I saw them walking towards me, I walked away a little and started pretending I was adjusting camera settings. Thank goodness my acting skills were on point and Christina didn't notice me at all! haha Actually, more like we were on the strip and people with cameras don't stand out! 

Photographing the proposal gave me goosebumps.  It was such a privilege to get to be the person to document that special moment!  Once folks walking by started clapping and yelling congrats from the sidewalk, I thought it was a good time to introduce myself to Christina and explain I was not a creeper but that Walter had been planning this for weeks and had contacted me to photograph it.  I think that just gave Walter extra brownie points for sure! 

After the proposal, we walked around and got some amazing engagement photos for them around the outside of the Venetian Hotel and Casino.  Christina was glowing with happiness and I think Walter was super relieved to finally pop the question after weeks of preparation!

Congrats, Christina + Walter!! Now, let the wedding planning begin!  XO