Las Vegas Wedding Photographers | Behind the Scenes of 2017


As 2017 comes to an end, it's time for one of my favorite posts of the year! A look at what happens behind the camera! It's always so much fun.  We seriously love what we do!!

Being with people on one of the best days of their lives can't be beat and Jason will make sure you are looking your best too.  He'll show you where to stand, straighten your bow tie, fix your boutonniere, heck, he'll even dust off your shoes! All with a smile, of course! 

But don't worry, Jessie's got your back too ;) That dress will be fluffed, your train will lay perfectly, that stray hair will get back in it's place, and your poses will be on point! 

And when it comes to capturing the people you love in one big photo, she's going to take charge and make sure everyone is looking good for the camera! She'll even stand in for bridesmaids to demonstrate if need be!  

Jason is not only a photographer extraordinaire.  He will fill in for various roles throughout the day.  He stands in for the groom to test the light, he'll be the lighting assistant during bridesmaid photos, and he will even sign as your witness for your marriage certificate.  And if Jessie sees him holding a clutch and still ready to to take the shot, well, she'll be sure to get a shot of him too in all his multitasking glory! 

Having someone to work alongside, especial the person you love is not only fun, but really helpful too.  Like, letting the other one know if a car is coming up behind them when standing in the middle of the road.  

Working as a team is the best, but inevitably, we'll sometimes get in each other's way and in each other's shots! 

Weddings are an absolute blast! I mean, look at Jessie's face at the reception!!


No matter what, though, the best part of our job is always the people we get to serve! We absolutely love our couples and are so thankful we get to do what we love together.  We're already looking forward to an amazing 2018 full of love and adventures! 

Downtown Las Vegas Engagement | Marie + Chris


Marie + Chris are Las Vegas locals who have a special connection to Downtown Vegas.  They love to hang out downtown and try new places to eat and enjoy drinks and music there.  It's been a big part of their relationship so, when it was time for their engagement session, Marie knew that she wanted to incorporate some of their favorite places downtown.  We couldn't be happier to tag along!   

We absolutely loved walking around downtown chatting, laughing, and stopping by some of their favorite spots! Plus, they even gave us a few new food recommendations we have to go try out soon! 

M+C: Congrats again! We wish you a lifetime of happiness together. XO 

Las Vegas Proposal | Walter + Christina


When Walter emailed me about wanting to have his proposal to Christina captured in photos, I was so excited for them without even knowing them.  They'd be coming from Northern California to spend a few days in town and being that Vegas is one of their favorite cities, Walter thought it would be the perfect time and place to pop the question.

Then, when we spoke on the phone about everything from our love for wine to narrowing down the details and location for his proposal, I was so happy I was going to be there to document it.  I couldn't wait to meet them and document Christina's reaction to Walter's proposal.  

I seriously thought I was more nervous than Walter, but I'm sure that's impossible! I waited very nonchalantly at our designated spot.  Once I saw them walking towards me, I walked away a little and started pretending I was adjusting camera settings. Thank goodness my acting skills were on point and Christina didn't notice me at all! haha Actually, more like we were on the strip and people with cameras don't stand out! 

Photographing the proposal gave me goosebumps.  It was such a privilege to get to be the person to document that special moment!  Once folks walking by started clapping and yelling congrats from the sidewalk, I thought it was a good time to introduce myself to Christina and explain I was not a creeper but that Walter had been planning this for weeks and had contacted me to photograph it.  I think that just gave Walter extra brownie points for sure! 

After the proposal, we walked around and got some amazing engagement photos for them around the outside of the Venetian Hotel and Casino.  Christina was glowing with happiness and I think Walter was super relieved to finally pop the question after weeks of preparation!

Congrats, Christina + Walter!! Now, let the wedding planning begin!  XO