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3 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Las Vegas Destination Wedding

Las Vegas is considered the "Wedding Capital of the World" and it's definitely a top tourist destination for people all over the world! You can host any kind of wedding here, from a quirky elopement with just the two of you, a small and intimate pretty garden wedding, to a grand ballroom gala wedding.  Add the endless entertainment options for traveling guests and it's no wonder so many couples choose Las Vegas as the place for their destination wedding.

Most of our destination wedding couples choose Las Vegas because they want something a little different for their wedding day, but at the same time they want to be able to keep up with some traditions and offer their guests a great time.  They tend to have anywhere from 10 to 100 guests all traveling from various parts of the country or even from across the globe! 

Venue:  Neon Museum

And while planning any kind of wedding can be stressful, a destination wedding can also be overwhelming when it comes to the planning details.  Questions such as transportation logistics and accommodations come up, along with how to choose reputable and knowledgeable vendors when you often times can't meet with them in person.  

We've been photographing Las Vegas destination weddings, big and small, since 2009 and our goal has not changed.  We want our couples to have an amazingly fun day and leave all the stress and worries behind.  After all, most couples who have a destination wedding do so because they want to have fun too! Our destination wedding couples want to not only marry the love of their life here, they also want to have the time of their life here!

Because so many of the weddings we photograph each year are destination weddings here in Vegas, we thought we would share a few tips that will help you have the best Las Vegas destination wedding without going crazy!

3 Tips to Help You Plan a Stress-Free Las Vegas Destination Wedding

1. Hire a wedding planner. As a bride-to-be, you have lots of fun things to be focusing on, oh let's say like your honeymoon ;) Having a wedding planner who will handle some of the not-so-fun details of wedding planning and will guide you to making good decisions ensures your day runs smoothly and allows you to have the stress-free dream wedding you deserve!

2. Ask for recommended vendors. Most wedding venue, planner, or other vendors, will have vendors they recommend. In our case, we give our couples a list of preferred vendors and these are always vendors we know personally, who's work we love, and we've worked with extensively. Having vendors who trust and respect each other means we'll work together smoothly and efficiently. Plus we'll have your best interest at heart.

Bridal bouquet by:  Layers of Lovely

Bridal bouquet by: Layers of Lovely

Hair & Makeup Artist:  Amelia C. and Co.

Hair & Makeup Artist: Amelia C. and Co.

Venue:  Red Rock Country Club  | Centerpieces:  Enchanted Florist

3. Have a timeline. We are super picky about ensuring our couples have a timeline. As wedding photographers, our entire day is driven by the timeline. We'll work together with you and your wedding planners on the best timeline for your day. We've photographed so many different weddings that we are pretty good about knowing how much time you'll need for each aspect of your day. We send all our couples 2 questionnaires that include everything from the family group combinations to your final wedding count and everything else in between! With a timeline in place, you won't have to worry about where to be when or what photos still need to be taken, because we'll have it all taken care of.

We hope these 3 simple tips were helpful to you.  As your wedding photographers, we'll be with you every step of the way and come your wedding day, we'll be ready to capture your day beautifully and most importantly, without stress! Be sure to contact us to see if we're available for your date and then let's start planning together!