Family Friday | Run Laughlin Half Marathon


Happy Friday!  We all have lots of different interests and hobbies.  What are some of yours? For me, one of these is running.  I may not be the fastest or the best runner, but running is something that I enjoy doing and make it a priority in my life.  I run about 3 days a week and I love signing up for races! My favorite distance is the half marathon.  I wasn't always a runner, though and the idea of running 13.1 miles was a joke! But,  I actually started running about 5 years ago and have been at it ever since.  Earlier this month I ran my 12th half marathon, the Run Laughlin Half Marathon, and it was super exciting too because this was Jason's 2nd half marathon and I was looking forward to running together for part of the race and and seeing him cross that finish line! 

We took off on Friday afternoon to Laughlin, NV, which is about 1.5 hrs away from Vegas and we stayed at the Tropicana Laughlin, which was offering rooms at a special rate for runners, woohoo!  We were running the race with a few other friends, so it was nice to have a carb loading dinner all together.  The race went really well.  If you're interested you can read all about that on my personal lifestyle blog HERE.  After the race, we had our obligatory free beer, grabbed some In N Out (protein style for me) and headed back home to meet up with our kiddos! 


It was a quick trip but we enjoyed the long drive together chatting without distractions and just enjoying each other's company.  Plus, it was so nice to run my last race of the year with Jason, my #1 supporter!  He always goes along with all my crazy ideas, like planning family vacations and long "romantic" getaways around my half marathon schedule! He is really my biggest supporter so, it felt so great to be at the finish line cheering him on, just like he does for me!  I am so grateful to have him cheering me on, not just at races, but in life.  XO 

Who's your biggest supporter? The person who truly believes in all your crazy endeavors and will always have your back? 

Family Friday: Pacific Northwest Vacation


It's been such a fun summer so far!  Even though it's been the hottest summer on record here in Vegas, we've been able to escape the heat a bit.  Two weeks after Jason and I went away to San Diego for the weekend, we went on our summer family vacation to Seattle and Portland.  We spent a week out in the Pacific Northwest and absolutely fell in love with it!  

We only spent a weekend in Seattle, but it was jam-packed with sightseeing and I even got to run the Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon on Sunday.  It was actually the whole reason for going out there and we planned our vacation around it.  I do hope we get to go back and spend more time in Seattle soon.  

The rest of our time was spent in the Portland area.  We rented a great apartment from AirBnB in a great location close to so many of the best food spots in town.  We took a trip to check out the Colombia River Gorge area and got to see the famous Multmonah Falls and drive along the river and visit the countryside.  We were a little early in the season for berry or cherry picking but we got to feed and pet some alpacas so that totally made up for it! Plus, the craft beers and gourmet food truck at the Gorge White House really hit the spot after our long day.  We spent another fun day sightseeing in Portland and visiting a lot of the major attractions, such as the Japanese Garden, the International Rose Testing Garden, Voodoo Donuts, Powell's Bookstore, and eating from yet more food trucks.  We took another road trip on our 3rd day to visit the Oregon Coast.  Seriously would love to spend a full weekend out there!  The coast is so beautiful and we really enjoyed Cannon Beach.  Our last day was spent at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry! I didn't think we would spend the entire day there, but there was so much to see and do that it really did fill up our whole day.  Another big treat for us while in Portland was getting to see and hang out with one of our past bride & groom turned friends! We met up with them for ice cream at the yummy Salt and Straw, met up for dinner another time Deschutes Brewery and Public House, and they even joined us for part of our day at the museum! Yea, we kinda loved hanging out with them!! 

All and all we had a great time! We visited some amazing places, enjoyed cool weather, ate some delicious food, and made lifelong memories together.  What more could we ask for?!? 




Family Friday | Introducing Baby Girl June

This week's Family Friday is not about my personal family life and adventures, but it is about family nonetheless.  Today's post is about a growing family who is very dear and close to me.  Last week, I had the utmost privilege of witnessing the birth of my friend Angie's baby girl.  I'd co-hosted her baby shower in March and if you haven't seen it, I suggest you check it out. It's very girly-glam! Anyhow, we've all been very excited to meet baby girl. I also had the privilege of photographing their son's birth just 18 months before, so I was thrilled they'd ask me to be there for the birth of their baby girl.  Both births were planned C-sections, so we had a set date and time of arrival.  I was prepared to wait in the room while the baby was being delivered, just like the time before.  However, to my surprise and delight, I was allowed to go in and photograph the C-section birth.  There's one to mark off the bucket list, huh! I will admit, I was a bit nervous to go into an operating room, as I had never been in one before or seen a live C-section birth.  It was such a surreal experience to witness and document.  I've photographed natural births before and this was so completely different.  It was super bright in there, but relatively quiet and even a bit relaxed.  Yet, however different the atmospheres are, the outcome is still the same.  A baby is being brought into the world and there is no greater joy and amazement than when you see this new life!  That day, we welcomed baby girl June, born just a little bit smaller than her brother at 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 20 inches tall.  I just know she will be a true joy and a most welcomed addition to their family, giving her brothers a run for their money ;)

A + W: Thank you for  trusting me to document such a special moment of your lives.  I am truly grateful.  Much love to you and your family.  Oh and just know, that witnessing the birth of your babies, pretty much means we're friends for life.  XO