Family Friday | Sanchez Family

las vegas family photography

Today's Family Friday isn't about us, The Emerics, but we'd love to introduce the Sanchez Family! 

This adorable family of 4 is expecting baby number 3 this fall, just in time for football season.  And, since this is a house divided between Broncos and Steelers fans, this new addition will be the family team tiebreaker! Will he/she choose the Broncos, the Steelers, or go his/her own way and become a Giants fan!? We'll just have to wait and see!

For now, enjoy a few photos from their pregnancy announcement photo shoot!

Aren't these Etsy found t-shirts just the cutest?

Makeup: | Hair: Xochitl S   

Dry Lake Bed Wedding Portraits {Keira + Brandon}


So excited I got to photograph the super talented Las Vegas makeup artist and amazing person, Keira and her equally warm-hearted Brandon.  Seriously, if you are looking for a makeup artist, do yourself a favor and check out Las Vegas Makeup Girl, you won't be disappointed!  

Being in the wedding industry I have known Keira for serval years now and we run into each other at networking events, follow each other on social media, and of course I also refer brides to her for makeup.  

Keira and Brandon weren't able to get wedding portraits of just the 2 of them on their wedding day, so I was super happy to fix that little problem for them!  So the two of them slipped back into their wedding attire and we met out on the dry lake bed about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas and we made some magic.  It's always such a great time when I get to capture beautiful and genuine smiles from our couples.  When our couples are so in love, they just glow and happiness spews out.  That was Keira and Brandon and it was perfection.  XO



Family Friday {Why I Love Obstacle Course Races}

As wedding photographers we feel it's important for you to get to know us and not just our photographs. We'll be spending a lot of time together during one of the most important days of your life, so you should not only like our work, but like us as people too! So for today's Family Friday post I'm sharing my love for obstacle course racing.  I've not talked too much about this before because well, pretty weddings and mud runs don't usually mix well together! But, you know what? They don't have to.  My love for running and obstacle course racing is completely separate from my love of wedding photography.  The two don't have to be intermixed.


 I believe we as people can enjoy so many different things and they don't all have to neatly fall into one specific category of "pretty".  I love pretty things, I love bouquets of peonies and ranunculus just like the rest of 'em.  I see a pretty teal box with white ribbon and I start swooning before I even see what's inside.  But, I also enjoy reading historical fiction, drinking moscow mules, and the occasional rolling in the dirt and jumping over fire! Which brings me back to obstacle course racing.  If this is a new term for you, it is basically a trail race with obstacles along.  These obstacles are things like climbing over walls, carrying heavy objects, traversing bodies of water, crawling under barbed wire and jumping through fire.

Now, if I may rewind a bit...I was not always into such things.  Up until 5 years ago, I was the poster child for non-athletic types.  I never ran a mile or much other forms of exercise.  But, obstacle course racing found me and after I ran my first Tough Mudder race in 2013 I was hooked. I've since ran a few more Tough Mudders, about 9 Spartan Races, and a few other smaller, fun mud runs along the way.  So, why do I do this? It has nothing to do with the competition.  Sure, there are folks who run elite and compete for prizes and want to place in the top 10.  I do not have such aspirations.  I run because it makes me feel strong and empowered. Because after months of training, the feeling of accomplishment is so rewarding. Because these races are hard and I can proudly say I've finished them.  Because I was a girl who never thought of herself as sporty or athletic and here I am doing this crazy thing and loving it.  

What's your crazy? What's the one thing you love doing because of how it makes you feel? Because wether that is teaching children how to read, or baking the best apple pie, we all need that feeling of accomplishment. That feeling that says, "I did that.  I worked hard and put everything I had into this and I succeeded." We all want to feel alive and empowered.