Dry Lake Bed Las Vegas Elopement {Tina + Curtis}


We started off the year with the sweetest elopement! Tina and Curtis have maintained a long distance relationship for 5 years, Tina living in New York and Curtis in San Francisco.  These guys are proof that when it's true love, nothing can keep you apart!  We were so excited to photograph their wedding day and see their love first hand.  We couldn't be happier for them and knowing that they'll get to be together now after so many years apart just warms our hearts!  

It was a cold (at least for Vegas standards) and windy day at the dry lake bed but these two were troopers!  Their ceremony started out with a bit of cloud coverage, but I kid you not, right as the ceremony was about to end and Angie, from Peachy Keen Unions, was declaring them officially married, the sun started to peek through the clouds and give us the best light!  We finished their session with a gorgeous desert sunset and it was perfection.  


Best Wedding Moments of 2016 | Las Vegas Wedding Photographers

As we say goodbye to 2016, I like to look back at all the weddings we photographed this year.  We're just so thankful to the couples who chose us to document their wedding day. We work together with our brides for months leading up to their big day via emails, skype chats, coffee dates, and phone calls so come wedding day, we're truly excited to be there! Being present and able to photograph a wedding day is such a gift. Each and every wedding we photograph is proof that love is a powerful thing.  We love to be there for our couples capturing all those must-have shots: the first look, that walk back down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs., the family group shots, the dances, gorgeous portraits at sunset, the beautiful details you worked so hard to put together, and all the fun little moments in between!  Yes, all of those things really do matter.  And not only do they matter now, they'll matter next year on your wedding anniversary.  They'll matter a little more each year as time passes and new milestones are reached.  Your wedding photographs are beautiful reminders of how it all began and we couldn't be more honored to be the ones to capture it.

Moments like the big thumbs up from the groom as his bride is about to walk down the aisle to him, a group of burros photobombing our shot (can we even call that a photobomb?), the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids, the ultimate high-five first look, the groom singing along with their Elvis officiant, and on and on.  These moments, captured through our cameras, tell the complete story of your wedding day. They tell those looking at your wedding photos years from now, that you didn't just pose for a few portraits on your wedding.  They show that you really lived it.  They show that your wedding day was really full of love and laughter and sweet joy filled moments.


Again, to our couples this year who let us into your wedding day with open arms and trusted us to tell your story, thank you.  You've made our hearts full and we couldn't be more honored to be your wedding photographers. XO - Jessie & Jason


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Las Vegas Wedding Photographers | Behind the Scenes of 2016

This is absolutely my favorite post of the year! We've been doing a behind the scenes blog post at the end of every year sine 2012 and I've noticed a few common threads.  There will inevitably be photos of Jason holding purses and bags, while still getting his shots!  There are always tons of photos of us fluffing and making sure our bride's dress is perfect for the photos. We act silly when we stand-in for each other while we check our settings.  Sometimes we look a little like paparazzi.  And, Jason always manages to get shots of me directing large family and bridal party groups.  I promise I'm not too bossy ;) Of course, there are always photos of us having fun because the truth is, we love photographing weddings!  We enjoy what we do and we hope it shows while we're photographing your wedding.  We sincerely want to make your wedding day one of the best days of your life.  Capturing that energy, that love, and pure joy on your wedding day, that is what makes us truly happy!


To all our brides and grooms of 2016: Thank you for choosing us to be your wedding photographers.  Whether you had a big traditional wedding with lots of guests, an intimate elopement with just the two of you, or something in between, your wedding was special to us and we loved being a part of it.  Thanks again! XO Jessie & Jason

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