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Meet The Emerics

Hi! I’m Jessie and together with my husband Jason, we are The Emerics.  We are west coast wedding photographers based out of Las Vegas, but we’ll travel anywhere for a great wedding. We believe in getting to know our couples, so come your big day we don't feel like strangers crashing your wedding but more like good friends with really nice cameras ;) 

Jason loves to eat sour cream and onion potato chips dipped in chocolate ice cream.  I'll steal his chips, but I'll leave the chocolate ice cream all for him.  I rarely order the same thing twice at a restaurant, Jason likes to stick to what he knows.  He's a night owl, I prefer to wake up early. He's techie, I just want the internet to work.  And yet, there is no one else we'd rather be doing life with.  Because we know that together we balance each other out. Because we know that together we're stronger. Together we're happier.  

We photograph weddings together, we're raising a family together, we travel together, we dream together. Because we know that being together is the best place to be.  

Home is wherever I’m with you
- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros